“If you like classic hard rock and heavy metal, BlancaWhite may be right up your alley.”
– Chad Bowar, About.com Heavy Metal


“This is what happens when rock fans turn their passion into a project. BlancaWhite’s debut album, “Resurgence of Rock,” demonstrates a deep reverence for the classic hard rock sounds of the 70s and 80s. Tracks like "Take Me Back" and the title track, "Resurgence of Rock," show that BlancaWhite has managed an absolutely convincing debut.”
– Marco Magin, BreakOut Magazin, Germany


“On their debut effort, Savage and Schell have attracted the vocal talents of Paul Shortino, Terry Ilous, Lorraine Lewis and Jeff Paris. What they have accomplished is an album full of fun, classic sounding tunes that will appeal to most rock fans.”
– Brian Basher, Hard Rock Hideout


“The album contains rock songs that are very much ‘80’s oriented, yet the lyrics really do apply to the ‘80’s rocker in 2012. There are songs of change, songs of nostalgia and songs of frustration surrounding today’s music scene. The result is a fun album that ‘80’s rockers will appreciate.”
– Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited


“Resurgence of Rock … has many references to the past and the spirit and genuine fun that shines through with very good performance from its musicians. It certainly contains high quality music that is very enjoyable.”
– James Mezzano, MelodicRock.it, Italy


“I’ve been listening to your new CD, “Resurgence of Rock,” for the last few days, and I have to admit that I’m very impressed by it. It has a great 70's and 80’s rock vibe to it.”
– Thomas S. Orwat, Jr., RockMusicStar.com







BlancaWhite’s debut album, Resurgence of Rock, is a rallying cry, a call to arms for a global resurgence of the sounds that made rock n’ roll great! Resurgence of Rock is original, in-your-face, party-hardy, 70’s and 80’s style hard rock at its finest, sung by legendary performers from that era.


Born out of the desert southwest, raised in Mexican bars, and nurtured by the icons of hard rock, Resurgence of Rock is original, classic style hard rock for the modern day. Following the models of the Alan Parsons Project and early Queens of the Stone Age, BlancaWhite invited renowned veteran rock vocalists Paul Shortino (QUIET RIOT, ROUGH CUTT and KING KOBRA), Lorraine Lewis (FEMME FATALE and L.A. NOOKIE), Terry Ilous (XYZ and GREAT WHITE), and Jeff Paris (CINDERELLA, VIXEN, SLASH, and KEB MO) to sing lead vocals for the album. And sing they did, recording stunning vocal performances with the skill, excitement and spirit of the rock anthems of hard rock’s greatest era!


“The album and the Resurgence are unique in two ways,” explains BlancaWhite co-founder and rock fan, Ken Savage. “First, we’re just ordinary rock fans who want the world to return to the glory days of hard rock. This album was a labor of love—made by fans for fans—and we invite everyone to join our grass roots revolution!”


The other unique feature of the album, explains Savage, is the way it mixes hard rock sounds of the 70’s and 80’s with a modern-day perspective. “The driving rock sounds on this album are straight out of the classic hard rock era. But the subject matter and lyrics fit with today. The songs either look back on the good old days, or they address issues that someone who grew up in that era faces today.”


BlancaWhite is named after the world-famous bar in Matamoros, Mexico, just across from the Texas border, where Savage and fellow BlancWhite co-founders, Austin Schell and Rick Schell, grew up. “I spent my formative years in that bar,” says Savage, “and it inspired much of the spirit for this album.” Anyone who’s ever raised a little hell “down south” will connect with “Livin It Up! (in a Mexican Bar),” one of the outstanding hard rockers on the album.


Little surprise that SAMMY HAGAR and VAN HALEN were major influences on this album, in addition to AC/DC. “We were most strongly influenced by Sammy, Eddie, Malcolm and Angus, with some combination of DEF LEPPARD and JUDAS PRIEST as well,” says Savage. “There’s a strong partying theme to this album, and even a reference to Cabo Wabo in our title song. Sammy ought to be proud of what he’s inspired!”


At the same time, Resurgence of Rock contains unmistakable influences of AC/DC. According to Savage, AC/DC inspires much of the driving rock sounds on Resurgence of Rock, as well as the lyrics. “Everybody knows the AC/DC sound, and there is certainly a lot of that on this album. But AC/DC was the biggest inspiration to us in terms of witty, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. We’ve tried to emulate that in a number of our songs.”


BlancaWhite co-founder Austin Schell is the “musical genius” behind Resurgence of Rock. Schell is a consummate musician, composer and arranger and a veteran of the Austin, Texas music scene. On Resurgence of Rock, Schell took the basic building blocks of classic hard rock and put them together with Savage’s brilliantly witty lyrics to create fresh, hook laden songs. “That’s the magic of the songs,” said L.A. based singer, producer and instrumentalist Jeff Paris, one of BlancaWhite’s guest singers, “the language that Austin put to the messages that Ken wrote. They are serving their audience with the language they love the most.” The language of ROCK.


BlancaWhite is already working on its next album and intends to follow the same format. “Our model is to write the best rock music we can and find the best singers and players for each song,” says Savage. “We are going to keep making hard rock music with a modern twist for fans who grew up in the classic era—and hopefully some new fans as well!”


It’s high time for a Resurgence of Rock! Join the Revolution now!

Paul Shortino
Paul Shortino is a veteran hard rocker best known for his stints as lead vocalist for Rough Cutt, King Kobra and Quiet Riot. His career spans several decades. He has recorded hundreds of songs and performed on stages all over the world. He played the role of Duke Fame in the classic rockumentary, “This is Spinal Tap.” Most recently, Paul recorded a new album with Vargas, Bogert & Appice (feat. Paul Shortino) and completed a tour in Spain promoting the album. At his core, Paul is an accomplished singer with the kind of rock pipes that few in the business have ever had. His deep and bluesy voice is powerful and evocative. On BlancaWhite’s new album, “Resurgence of Rock,” Paul brought his best game and laid down three tracks that blew the doors off the studio. His performance on this record is hard rock in its purest form.

Terry Ilous
Terry Ilous is one of the hardest working rock singers in the world. He exploded into the rock scene with the L.A. based band XYZ in the late 1980’s. XYZ had huge success with its single, “Inside Out,” which received major rotation on VH1 and other outlets. Terry has sung on dozens of projects and has toured extensively. He is also an accomplished actor and will soon be appearing in a reality show in Europe. Terry is currently touring with Great White as their lead vocalist. He is also deeply involved in charity projects to help persons affected by natural disasters. To say that Terry is a lead singer is an injustice. He is a lead instigator and provocateur. His voice has the power of a jet engine and the musicality of a classical violinist. He imbues every song he sings with his effervescent personality. Terry sings “Your Boyfriend is Lame” on the new BlancaWhite album, a hilarious and snarky hard rocker that takes full advantage of Terry’s vocal skills and acting persona.
Lorraine Lewis
Women hard rockers are hard to find. Lorraine Lewis is the quintessential woman hard rock singer. Her band, Femme Fatale, received heavy airplay on MTV in the late 1980’s with their signature singles, “Waiting for the Big One,” and “Falling In and Out Of Love.” In Femme Fatale, Lorraine’s lead vocals were the perfect mix of hard edged rock and sexiness. After Femme Fatale, Lorraine kept singing in a variety of bands and projects including her new group, L.A. Nookie, a band that bills itself as three hot blondes who are “the baddest, sassiest, rock and roll rebels of the Sunset Strip.” Lorraine brings that sass and attitude to the hard rocking “Still Turnin’ Heads” on BlancaWhite’s new album, Resurgence of Rock. She also sings the beautiful and haunting “Hundred Years War,” a rock ballad about the slow and painful disintegration of a marriage.
Jeff Paris
Jeff Paris is the musician’s musician. He has the musical IQ to play any instrument, compose any song and play with anybody anytime. Over the past three decades, Jeff has written rock songs for Vixen, Mr. Big and even for the TV series Baywatch. He has multiple hit records including the platinum record winning megahit, “Lucky This Time” by Mr. Big. Jeff has toured or recorded with a who’s who list of stars like Rod Stewart, Slash, Keb Mo, Bill Withers, Dan Folgelberg, Frankie Valli, A Taste of Honey, Stanley Clarke and Ringo Starr. In addition to his prowess as an instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer and engineer, Jeff is also an accomplished singer. His voice is as versatile as the instruments he plays and it allows him to inject character and nuance into each performance. On BlancaWhite’s new album, Resurgence of Rock, Jeff sings three songs including the hard rocking “One for the Ages” and the nostalgic mid-tempo rocker, “Take Me Back,” which also features Jeff on B3 and accordion.


February 07, 2012

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November 22, 2011

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